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Master Plan

The Research Staffs

The research center of city complexes, Yonsei University
The chief staff : Hong-Kyu Kim
The leading staff : Won-Yong Koh
The principal staffs : Eun-Sung Kang, Suk-Kyu Kang, Jae-Yong Lee, Eun-Jin Lee, Ki-Hun Kim, Sung-Nam Park,
                                   Dong-wook Son

Design Committee in Heyri

# Jong-Kyu Kim (architect)
# Kyoung-Kook Woo (architect)
# Jong-Ho Lee (architect)
# Hellen Park (architect)

The concept of land project

1) Receiving the new eco-friendly paradigm today.
2) Presenting the alternative plan which is on the page of the city-complex history in the world and Korea.
3) Designing city complex which is creative and has the economical worth.
4) Rearranging the present art valley land after estimating the overall problems and merit of Tongildongsan.
5) The utilization project of the land which is maximizing the merits for accessing to Seoul and other convenient things
6) The Development which preserves the configuration of the ground and geographical features in the surrounding
7) The preparations for the four seasons in a year.
8) The suitable division, selection, and arrangement of location according to the aim sand uses of the buildings to
    induce the synergy effect.
9) The plan which overcomes the limit and defect of existing city and which is suitable for the human scale.
10) Endowing the code of culture complex to the landscape architectures, construction buildings, environmental designs.

Enforcing the design

Dohwa General Technical Corporation. Inc.

Architectural coordinators

Jun-Sung Kim (professor in Kyunggi University graduate school.)
Jong-Kyu Kim (professor in Dept of architecture, The Korean National University of Arts)

Schedule of Construction

1) Date of agreement with the Korea Land Corporation: 22nd of December 1999 (fully executed)
2) Finalizing the masterplan: January 2000
3) Starting of basic construction work: February 2001
4) Main construction work: Sep 2001 May 2003
5) Moving in and opening festivals: May 2002
6) Completion: about the end of 2005 or the early of 2006