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There are more than thirty small or medium-sized museums in Heyri. The fields are like these: international folk instruments, toys, butterflies, magazines, traditional foods, Buddhist art, figure paintings, stamps, films, film posters, etc.

Art galleries

There are six galleries in Heyri. They are like these:The Gallery Cheongam, Nam-Kyu Lee's memorial hall the Kwang-Young' gallery, BaekSoonsil Gallery, Korean ceramics museum. The Vietnam museum. In advance, around thirty galleries will be built up to hold shows of paintings, crafts, and ceramics . Heyri will be the third-generation town of galleries, following Insa-dong and Chungdam-dong. Besides Heyri is different from the two precedents in terms of natural environment and the closeness to artists.

Music halls

There will be numerous small concert halls and recital studios for chamber music. Classical music cafes and jazz cafes will be and high standard concerts will be on throughout the year. Now Heyri has Korea Music Hall, VR Concert Hall, Camerata Music Hall, etc.

Memorial halls

There is a memorials for Han-Sook Jung, the prominent writer, in Heyri.

Drama theaters

Heyri also has Jung-Hee Kim's Theater, and The Oral Narrated Fairy Theater. Plays of the highest quality produced by the top theater people will be staged in theaters. In these places, seasonal drama courses will be organized.

Cinema house

There are movie studios (Art Service), a cinematheque, and the international folk film museum in Heyri. Cinema houses of unique themes will be built and associated with the film festivals that are different from other festivals distinctively. There will be film schools for aspiring and promising filmmakers, in which adult educational programs for film lovers are also prepared.

Seminar rooms

There will be around ten halls to hold seminars on philosophy, history, literature, and art regularly, or intermittently. Now Heyri has The House on a Lotus, Dostoevskii Institute, The Sijo, Korean ode, Museum.

Guesthouses for native plants

There will be more than fifty guesthouses for Heyri members, commissioned artist, art-lovers, and foreign visitors. A plan for honorary membership system is currently being considered.

Art shops, antique shops

Around one hundred art shops and antique shops will keep articles of contemporary artists and antiques in stock to sell and exhibit. Now it has Yu-Sook Park's Gallery, KAIS Gallery, Sumi Gallery, The Gallery Focus, Jin Ad, etc.


There will be around thirty bookstores specialized in art, architecture, film, music, literature, and children's books, or bookshops both of western and eastern classics, and antiques. A book museum, libraries, elegant book cafes are also in plan. Now Heyri has Hangilsa.corp, YoulHwaDang Publisher, Donghwaanra, etc.


There will be more than one hundred workplaces for painters, craftsmen, sculptors, musicians, and filmmakers. Lease studios will be available for young artists in making.