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A Place for creating

Around five hundred writers and creators in the field of art, music, drama, cinema, photography, sculpture, ceramics, literature, publishing, and academia will live in harmony. They might produce bountiful fruits that will precede the present days in an excellent environment by engaging themselves in creative activities.

A Place for exhibition

The works of the resident artists and the local artists in the vicinity will be exhibited permanently or specially in galleries and show rooms. There will be more than one hundred galleries and exhibit halls in advance.

A Place for performance

Around forty performing areas will be built for music, plays, dance, and Korean folk music.

A Place for festival

Festivals of art and culture will continuously take place in Heyri. There will be lots of pageants from international festivals to seasonal and weekend events which have characteristic tastes of Heyri.

A Place for cultural education

Heyri is the huge cultural and art school. Schools for creative writing and art, film schools, and drama schools will be established. A cyber art school is also currently being in preparation. Heyri will be a good place for field trips and study tours.

A Place for creative discussion

Classes or seminars about art, culture, ideas and thoughts will be organized. Heyri will be the most coveted place of intellectualism by taking a lead in connecting the humanity studies and discourses on art and culture.

A Place for sales

It will be a high market to sell and supply classy artworks and performances to the consumers and art-lovers. You could meet precious artifacts with the most reasonable prices in Heyri.

A Place for international at and cultural exchanges

The world is now always in communication. Heyri is a window wide open to the world, conveying art and culture. It is Heyri's goal for the world-wide art lovers to flock into the valley and for Korean artists to meet the world counterparts competitively .

A Place for artists-in-residence

The major role of Heyri is to be a pleasant residential area for artists and professionals engaged in creative activities of all genres, where they will be able to concentrate on their work in the nature-friendly space.