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An ecological village where the Nature breathes.

It is aimed to preserve and maximize the natural surroundings by conserving mountains, mounds, swamps, and rivulets. The ecological motive will persistently be applied to all areas, including architecture, energy system, scenery, and pavement.

A masterplan designed in line with green network.

A green network connects the whole valley of Heyri like a nerve system. It is an epochal event in the history of architectural planning of complexes in Korea. The green network will be utilized as foot passages, resting areas, and small parks. Greens will undoubtedly provide us with the most pleasant place to relax in.

A valley of architectural exhibits.

The most renowned and competitive architects are partaking in the foundation of Heyri Art Valley. Architectural coordinators are also setting up the architectural guideline to harmonize all architectural objects and buildings, and to realize the spirit of era. The buildings will play roles of architecture museums themselves since they will bare the names of the architects who designed them.

Squars, loads, fences, and hedges as artwork.

All entities and items in Heyri will be artworks that are completely in accordance with the nature. The aesthetic sense will be considered in all places from squares to a single pavement block. When fences are needed, they would be placed artistically.

A contest held for plans of ingenious bridges.

There are five bridges in Heyri. Although small and short, bridges were creatively constructed in the way that their constructing plans were implemented through public contests. It was a sensation in the world of civil engineering and architecture in Korea. Each bridge should be good enough to uplift the name value of Heyri as one of the most celebrated localities.

Under-three-story skyline in human scale.

All buildings and houses will be no higher than three stories. Heyri shall not be another city of suburbia, but a city of human scale, which is in harmony with human nature.

Nature-friendly hydroponics.

Whereas original ecological swamps will be conserved, waterways of natural creeks and streamlets will be restored and improved. Everyone would appreciate the fresh, clean, running water throughout the year, enjoying the water-friendly settings.

A village coated with native foliage.

The scenery of Heyri will be consisted of native trees and flowers. All efforts will be made to ensure that Heyri is a place for beauty of wild and natural florae being rediscovered. Native flowers, full bloom in the season, will be available everywhere.

Ultramodern information network.

Heyri is a most up-to-dated venture town of culture. In order to be in the center of information industry and cultural business, cables will be installed all over the area and the information network will be connected to the central security and control system. Such an infrastructure will be a vital facet of Heyri Art Valley.

A Specially designated municipality of art and culture.

Heyri's aim is to build a cultural strongpoint of international competitiveness. In order to achieve such a goal and to maintain the real character and ideal purity the village aims to be, Heyri would do its best to speak to the government so that Heyri is designated as a special city of art and culture.